Cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions

Depureco USA Industrial Vacuums specializes in cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions.

Located in Texas, the subsidiary branch of Depureco Industrial Vacuums in Italy, in addition to cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions has a large assortment of vacuums in stock and ready for delivery across all North America.

We are one of the oldest companies in the industrial vacuums field. Since 1972, our company never stopped working diligently to make each working place a cleaner space.

Our websites, and staff, are designed to help you determine the best cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions solutions for each industrial application. We are ready to help you every step of the way.

YES, WE MADE IT! All our cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions units are manufactured in our production facility using state of the art equipment and processes. We start from a metal plate, we bend, we cut, we weld, we paint. WE CARE!

Because each problem requires a unique solution in order to be solved in the most effective manner Depureco has designed more than 180 vacuums. Each one of them specifically formulated to provide the right solution for each application area.

We build high power, heavy duty, anti-static, ATEX, compressed air, explosion proof,single phase, three phase, stainless steel and other critically important air operated, wet & dry, compact or portable or centralized industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners and systems/solutions.

We help keep your facilities and personnel safe.

If you need a vacuum solution that meets or exceeds certifications, we are the right partner.

Our vacuum solutions have the following accreditations:

  • ATEX certified
  • European Standard
  • MERV rated
  • green, NFPA
  • explosion proof
  • hazardous environment
  • HEPA
  • ULPA
  • NFPA 484
  • CSA
  • UL and other certifications.

End applications include

  • aerosols
  • air purification
  • aluminum chips
  • asbestos
  • ATEX
  • bakery dust
  • carbon fiber
  • cement dust
  • chemical dust
  • chemical powders
  • chemicals
  • chips
  • coffee
  • combustible dust
  • composite material
  • concrete dust
  • construction dust
  • coolant
  • cooling tower media
  • debris
  • drugs
  • dry steam
  • drywall sanding dust
  • duct cleaning
  • dust clouds
  • dyes
  • emulsion
  • explosive dusts & powders
  • fine powders
  • fine wood dust
  • firing range dust
  • flour
  • food dust
  • glass fiber
  • grain
  • granulates
  • gun powder
  • gypsum
  • hazardous dust
  • hazardous fumes
  • HVAC
  • Kevlar
  • lead
  • liquids
  • liquids from solids
  • lubricants
  • lubricating oils
  • mercury vapor
  • metal chips
  • metal dust
  • metal scraps
  • metal shavings
  • metal swarf
  • mist
  • mold
  • oil
  • oil mist
  • oven cleaning
  • overhead cleaning
  • packaging
  • pipe cleaning
  • polymers
  • powders
  • powder coating dust
  • restorations
  • sand
  • sand blasting
  • sanitary
  • sawdust
  • scraps
  • separating liquids
  • shavings
  • shot blasting
  • silica dust
  • sludge
  • slurry
  • smoke clouds
  • solids from liquids
  • soot
  • steel shot
  • surface sanitation
  • swarf
  • tobacco
  • tea
  • toner fine dust
  • torch extraction
  • toxic dust
  • toxic fumes
  • toxic vapors
  • tube cleaning
  • vacuum-assist sanding
  • vapors
  • vermiculite
  • insulation
  • volatile dust
  • waste
  • water
  • welding fumes
  • wood chips
  • wood dust
  • wood floor finishing
  • wood shavings
  • and more.

Our vacuum solutions are used as extractors, collectors and for remediation.

We have or can design a vacuum solution for your unique needs. We have the expertise and facilities ready to go!

The most reputable companies in the world have decided to trust Depureco industrial vacuum products. Our brand is well recognized all around the world.

Become an official Depureco Dealer. We provide technical assistance and continuous training to support all your efforts.

Contact us, or request a quote, for your cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions needs.

Our cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions specialists are ready for your no cost consultation.

Our experts help ensure you address all your cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions safety needs.

From your initial research to final cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions purchasing decision, our knowledgeable professionals are here to help you every step of the way.

Call us to learn how to become a cement dust industrial vacuum cleaners solutions distributor for Depureco Industrial Vacuums USA.

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